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Study in Ireland

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Why study in Ireland

Ireland is home to world class universities and offers high level of education which is recognized worldwide. All the schools and colleges are globally connected and students passing out from Irish universities are flooded with opportunities in diverse career aspects.

Nestled on the westernmost edge of Europe, Ireland is a member of European Union. Ireland was termed as the friendliest country through a survey conducted by Lonely Planet Travel Guide group. It is ranked amongst the top 20 countries with a safe and peaceful environment. One third of the population in Ireland is under the age of 25 which makes it a young country extremely welcoming for students.

Top reasons of studying in Ireland:

5 A’s of studying in Ireland

Academic excellence:

The Irish Universities have occupied positions amongst the top universities on a global level. Students passing out from Irish universities are enjoying a successful career working across international platforms.

Analytical Curriculum:

Research makes up for an especially important subject in quality education and that makes Ireland a preferable option to develop research skills and participate in all such programs. Irish Universities rank in the top 1% of research institutions in the world.

Ample Career opportunities:

Ireland is home to many global organizations and business ventures in the field of Medicine, IT software, agriculture, food and finance. That indirectly paves the way for diverse career opportunities for students.

Availability of work visa:

The Irish Government offers 1 year work visa for graduates and 2 year work visa for post graduates. So it is possible for a student to study and work simultaneously. They can also apply for permanent residency later.

Accelerated Economic development:

The Irish economy is amongst the fastest developing ones with an extremely competitive growth rate. There are many business ventures and entrepreneurship opportunities available in the country.

Top Universities in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity college Dublin is the Irish version for University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. There are incredible opportunities to study research-based curriculum that persists in Dublin’s heart.

University College Dublin

Ranked amongst the top 1% worldwide, UCD is recognized internationally for its teaching and learning concept. The award-winning students and experts talk about the quality education it imparts.

University College Cork

The five-star university involves innovative research disciplines that facilitate international and work-based clinical placements.

National University of Ireland, Galway

The National University of Ireland has a high student-faculty ratio. The university has tremendously grown and has an extensive number of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Dublin City University

DCU is primarily engaged in enhancing student’s employability and constructing transferable skills. It accommodates workplace internships within the campus and is the first one in the country to start this.

Study in Ireland Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility for admission in any course depends on the university. So, you need to visit the official website of the universities for detailed information regarding eligibility of taking admission in any course. However, there are few general requirements to study in Ireland:

1. Age Specification: The age criteria for joining a degree program in Ireland is 18 years.

2. Academic documents and specifications: The student should submit the acceptance letter from an Irish university and all the educational documents starting from their high school transcripts, diplomas, two LORs (Letter of recommendations) from employer or manager if carrying any sort of work experience, SOP (Statement of Purpose) and Visa application forms. For undergraduate courses, the student must secure 60% marks in grade XII. However, with 50% marks, they can pursue diploma courses.

3. English Language Proficiency: The student must prove his/her knowledge of the English language through submission of necessary documents such as the internet based IELTS or TOEFL scores.

4. Proof of financial stability: Financial documents which will ascertain that a student has enough money to sustain his/her living in Ireland during their study are necessary. The financial statements should cover up for the tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, transportation and other subsidiary costs.

5. Health assessment and immunization proof: The student should be in a healthy state and with no medical conditions and diseases, whatsoever. The student is required to submit the medical proofs of the immunizations and vaccinations received so far. The student should also have an insurance cover for the entire duration of his/her study in Ireland.

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