GPaths Trusted by School Leaders and Parents

M F Shanti Anthony

Vice Principal - (Cambridge International Education at Delhi Public School, Nacharam)

GIDE Team,
Thanks for introducing GPaths, a groundbreaking and globally recognized career assessment tool. Today I tried it for both my daughters and it was quite interesting.

What I really liked was the elaborate report that gives not just details about career paths but interdisciplinary careers and what else students could do to enhance their portfolio. As parents we get to understand our children's areas of interest and guidance on how we could support them.
Congratulations on creating such a wonderful platform.
Will recommend this for students of grade 8 and above.

Deepti Menon

Head Curriculum and Training  (Aravali International School)

Thanks for sharing about GPaths, I really want to congratulate GIDE for creating an excellent roadmap for children. I just had my own child do the assessment  and I have to appreciate you for creating such an inclusive assessment. Most of the assessments which we have seen  put the child in boxes, without being able to really show potential. Loved the fact that GPaths really tried to understand her as an individual minus the limitations of subjects and subject proficiency.

It also gave us a very good perspective into her future career options, most of which are similar to what we believed would work best for her. The Futuristic career options are really the best and gave us something new to consider, adding to that the last section connected to profile building, absolutely awesome! Thanks so much.Looking forward to implementing this at our schools too.

All the best!

Shailaja Raghavendra

University Guidance Counselor (Kunskasskolan International School)

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the chance to take the GPaths assessment.

I was able to gain insights into assessment questions, time management, potential student concerns, and a clear understanding of how the report aligns with individual preferences and aptitudes. I was able to evaluate the comprehensive insights provided in the final report.

I am genuinely impressed with the depth and breadth of the G path assessment, and I believe it could greatly benefit our students in making informed decisions about their future careers. The personalized recommendations, including career streams, aptitudes, 21st-century skill proficiency, subject choices, and university suggestions, are exceptionally insightful.

Alpana Baveja

Former Executive Principal, Mount Olympus

Attracted by its exceptional approach to career assessments, we are offering GIDE's GPaths to our students. We seek the distinctive and futuristic insights it offers to empower our students with clear directions for their academic and future careers.

This transformative tool aligns with our commitment to student success and is poised to become an integral part of our educational journey.

Why GPaths Matters?

GPaths is more than just a tool. It is your personal academic and career pathways advisor. Here's how GPaths can benefit you:

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Personalised Career Guidance

Discover the right career path for your interests and skills. GPaths takes into account your unique interests, aptitude, and skills to identify the right courses and careers that match your passion and potential.

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University Matchmaker

Receive guidance on university admissions. Discover the perfect universities that align with your career goals and aspirations.

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Entrance Exam Recommendation

Maximize your academic potential with expert recommendations. Get expert advice on the entrance exams you need to excel in for your desired university and course.

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Advanced Placement(AP)
Exam Recommendations

Know which AP exams to undertake to bolster your academic profile.

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Profile Building

GPaths offers personalized guidance to enhance your profile, suggesting tailored strategies to showcase your strengths and achievements effectively, ensuring you stand out to universities worldwide.

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Scholarship Recommendations

With GPaths, discover a range of scholarship opportunities matched to your profile, providing invaluable support in securing financial aid for your academic journey.

Comprehensive Pathway Assessment System (CPAS)

GPaths is built on the Comprehensive Pathway Assessment System (CPAS), a robust framework designed to offer a comprehensive evaluation and guidance system for individuals exploring their academic and career pathways. CPAS operates through a structured approach that delves into various facets of an individual's capabilities, interests, and ambitions, facilitating the creation of personalised career roadmaps aimed at fostering global competencies.

Initial Assessment

CPAS begins with a diverse evaluation encompassing multiple-choice questions, scenario-based inquiries, and personal reflections, covering aspects like interests, skills, aptitudes, values, and extracurricular involvement.

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Data Analysis

Post-assessment,CPAS employs advanced algorithms for data analytics, identifying patterns andaligning preferences to highlight key strengths and inclinations.

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Comprehensive Evaluation

CPAS systematically evaluates GPaths data and user activities on the GIDE.AI platform, merging information on interests, skills, personality traits, and aspirations to provide a holistic understanding of the individual's potential.

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Personalised Roadmap Creation

Based on the evaluation, CPAS generates a tailored career roadmap suggesting educational paths, potential career options, skill development strategies, academic and extra-curricular recommendations, and best-fit universities.

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Guidance and Recommendations

The generated roadmap serves as a guiding framework, offering personalized insights and recommendations on academic pursuits, career choices, skill enhancement opportunities, and pathways for personal and professional development.

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Continuous Refinement

CPAS allows for ongoing refinement based on individual progress, changing aspirations, or evolving skills, encouraging users to revisit and update their profiles to ensure the roadmap remains aligned with current interests and goals.

Student Experiences

GPaths vs Other Assessments: Unveiling the Differences

Explore the chart to discover why GPaths is your ideal choice for a comprehensive and forward-thinking career assessment.


OtherAssessment Platforms


Interest, Aptitude, and Skill
Uses Teenager's personality for assessment
Believes in the evolving personality, focusing on Interest, Aptitude, Strengths, and Skills
Career Interest
Number of Career Suggestions
Shows Top 5
Shows Top 3 (More focused)
Aptitude Section
University Matchmaker
Number of Universities Suggested
6 each across 6 countries, including INDIA
Scholarship Suggestions
Extra-Curricular Recommendations
AP Exam Recommendations
Subject Recommendations
Top Jobs in Identified Careers

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Steps to get started with GPaths

Log In

Start by accessing the website Use your email ID to log in.

Complete Your Profile

Upon login, complete your profile by adding accurate Full Name, School Details, Grades, and Board information

Navigate to the Main Page

After updating your profile, go to the main GIDE platform by modifying the URL to in your browser's address bar


After modifying the URL, you'll be directed to the GPATHS section. Update both your and your parents' details, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Complete Assessments

Complete four key assessments in the specified order for your profile. These include:
a. Career Assessment
b. Skill Assessment
c. Time-bound Aptitude Assessment
d. Extra-Curricular Assessment

Generate Report

Complete all assessments and click the GENERATE REPORT button. Please wait about 5 to 6 minutes for your report to be ready. Once available, you can view and download it.