Who We Are

GIDE.AI: Your Gateway to Scholarships and Career Success

Access futuristic career assessment, profile building, test preparation, great scholarships, and career guidance all in one integrated experience.


Mission & Commitment

Within GIDE.AI, we ardently pursue a mission to empower high school students in their odyssey from secondary education to esteemed university seats. It is our unwavering commitment to facilitate them in unlocking their latent capabilities and transforming their aspirations into tangible accomplishments. We firmly believe in the universal right to an exceptional education and all-encompassing assistance.


Our Vision

In an educational sphere that has remained static for a full century, the disheartening reality is that scholarly success seems inevitably tied to the metrics of grades, scores, and standardized assessments. Yet, herein lies the crux of our endeavor. We advocate for an alternative, a pathway less travelled but dazzling with opportunities. GIDE was born with a sole purpose - to serve as the guiding light for high school scholars, leading them toward their unique calling and toward an unconventional route to success.

Our Founders

Alok Pabalkar

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Alok is a tech leader and solution architect. A counselor at heart and a techie by profession. He is building GIDE.AI to provide a seamless and integrated HighSchool to College journey experience for students around the world. A fourth time co-founder with one successful exit, he is a
hands-on Engineer with passion for building Technology, Products & Teams.

Abhishek Gupta

Times Education Icon 2019
Co-Founder, CEO & Admissions Counselor

Abhishek Gupta is an Alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles, USA. As Asia's leading Career Counselor, he has counseled over 100,000+ students and conducted over 1000+ Career Workshops, nationally and internationally. He is the recipient of prestigious Times Education Icon Award (2019) and Golden Star of Education Award (2018). He is the founder of India's Maiden Parent Community Driven Education Movement – High School Moms (HSM). He has also founded International Alliance of Counselors & Educators (INACE) – a professional network of 1500+ School Principals, Counselors and University Representatives from across the world.

our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Anurag Singh
Strategic Advisor
Anurag has been a strategic advisor to Gide from its inception. He has guided the team, not just in his capacity as an angel investor, but a mentor for the Chief Gide's Abhishek & Alok. Anurag was previously Co-Founder, Chief Product & Enterprise Officer at now IPO'd startup Affle.
Jagriti Goyal
Vice President - Marketing
Jagriti is an innovative leader with over two decades of industry-agnostic experience. Renowned for her transformative initiatives leveraging digital-first and AI strategies, she uplifts high school students' prospects. Her achievements include nominations for the Digital Marketer Award by IAMAI, and roles as a panelist at Facebook's Beauty Disruptor and a jury member for MMA Smarties APAC awards.
Divya Khandelwal
Director at GeniusZen | GIDE Prep
With an MBA in Marketing, Divya Khandelwal brings over 15 years of expertise in study abroad counseling. Having guided over 10,000 students, she specializes in steering students towards top-ranked institutions worldwide.
Avni Parekh
Director Student Relations
With over ten years of experience, Avni is an experienced career counselor who has successfully guided students to top colleges and universities worldwide. Avni has also headed the career counseling department of a prominent school chain in India.
Abhishek Sinha
Master Trainer and Product Head
With 18 years in teaching and content development, Abhishek holds a degree in Economics from Ramjas College, DU, and an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Having accumulated over 10,000 hours of training experience, he worked with established brands like IMS, TIME, and The Princeton Review. His industry exposure equips him to understand both subject requirements and student needs, making him a comprehensive educator.
Stuti Gupta
Director HR and Operations
Stuti, with 19 years of HR, Admin, Operations, and Budgeting expertise, began as a computer teacher before pursuing her HR passion, earning an MBA from Delhi University. With a rich background at prestegious organisations, she's interacted with 5000+ employees. Stuti's friendly demeanor, positive outlook, and adept problem-solving shine through her professional journey. Beyond work, she revels in singing, dancing, and cooking joyfully.
Rahul Pradhan
Director Key Accounts
He is a Computer Science graduate with a flair for both technology and strategy. An experienced professional with a background in four major multinational companies, skilled in managing complex sales funnels and focusing on student recruitment for growth. Proficient in handling diverse business situations effectively. His positive attitude and assertive approach consistently safeguard the boundaries of the business
Akash Yadav
Senior Manager Accounts
Meet Akash Yadav, our seasoned Senior Manager in the Accounts Department at GIDE. With over 13 years of experience, Akash has led various projects, showcasing strong leadership skills. His passion for data, marketing, and technology drives his continuous growth. Akash is known for his approachable nature and commitment to team accessibility, fostering a collaborative work culture.
Jyoti Kumar Mishra
Master Trainer and Head Mathematics
With a BTech foundation and a decade-long passion for mathematics and physics, I'm a seasoned educator dedicated to igniting knowledge. Having guided over 10,000 students through standardized tests at leading organisations my commitment to academic excellence is unwavering. My goal is to inspire and nurture the next generation of mathematical and scientific minds.
Meenu Sengupta
Senior Manager - University and Client Relations
Meenu Sengupta excels as a Client Success Manager, specializing in university relations, strategic partnerships, and data-driven decision-making. With extensive experience in business development and team management, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.
Swati Lakhani
Senior Counselor
With more than five years of experience in study-abroad counseling and a background in business, Swati excels in comprehending students' objectives and aiding them in creating compelling applications for their preferred universities. Her dedication to guiding students towards well-informed decisions about their international university selections reflects her passion for facilitating the transformation of aspirations into attainable goals.
Vaishali Yadav
Senior Counselor
Ms. Vaishali is an accomplished counselor and adept motivator, boasting over 7 years of experience. Passionate about connecting with individuals and resolving their challenges, she possesses a strong grasp of psychology.
Teena Taneja
Key Account Manager
Ms. Vaishali is an accomplished counselor and adept motivator, boasting over 7 years of experience. Passionate about connecting with individuals and resolving their challenges, she possesses a strong grasp of psychology.