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The Most Inclusive

Profile Building & University Readiness Platform

The GIDE.AI platform is designed to engage & support students in their journey from high school to university through profile building, test preparation, and career guidance making them ready for admissions globally. It brings together social communication, career discovery, course discovery, admission preparation and university applications in one integrated experience.

Welcome to GIDE.AI


Engage with students and universities from around the world because your network is your net worth.


Enhance your student profile by participating in certificate workshops, competitions, community service, internships, and research.


Set yourself up to achieve the success you are meant for through engaging in profile building activities and interacting with universities.

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Everything you need to build a holistic profile to study at leading universities in India and Abroad

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Our internships help students to develop real world skills, gain university level learning, attend interactive faculty sessions from leading universities around the globe and gain deep insights about their chosen subject areas.

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Network with leading universities from around the world and create a deeper understanding about admissions and scholarships.

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Career Counseling Talks

Pro-bono career counseling sessions by leading experts would assist students to clear their doubts, know about futuristic careers and interact with leading career counselors from India.

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Certificate Workshops

Develop new ideas, enhance skills, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Resume Building

College Resume provides a snapshot of students’ accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements to colleges/universities. Drafting a perfect college resume is extremely important part of college application.

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Community Service

Leading universities around the world accept and value students who not only build their own profiles but go on to make a difference in the society. GIDE+ members will engage in both in-person/virtual community building initiatives.

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Compete with the top 1% outstanding students in the world to stand out by participating in various competitions conducted on GIDE.

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Admission Guidance Sessions

Meet experts to understand the nuances of admission, application process, scholarships, and more.

GIDE+ Students Secured $8,000,000+ in Scholarships in 2022

A lot of students put in the effort through hard work, dedication, participation in multiple profile-building engagements, university interactions, and more, and were able to secure truly outstanding scholarships!


Why GIDE+?
Join our more exclusive GIDE+ Community


Being a GIDE+ members gives you direct access to exclusive engagements and activities curated for those who wish to stand out from the crowd and make their mark! It is a community by the students, for the students. So why subscribe when you can upgrade and unlock the full potential of YOUR GIDE CLUB at only ₹4,200 per year!

Benefits of being a GIDE+ Member


Volunteer Opportunities

Be a volunteer at one or more of the in-person events held throughout the year and get a certificate of appreciation recognizing your efforts in contributing to the event.


Host Your Own Events

As a GIDE+ member you get the privilege of being able to suggest activities that can be hosted for all GIDE+ members. Present a plan to the student council and they will help realize it.


Exclusive Activities

While there are various activities held throughout the year, many of them are reserved for to GIDE+ members only, including certificate workshops, in-person, and virtual engagements.


Student Council

Every year a student council is elected, which is responsible for managing crucial aspects of the club including curating activities, celebrating festivals, and more.


Committee Roles

You may choose to apply for one of the prestigious positions in a committee that overlooks a very specific aspect of the entire student club. Your ideas and contributions will be responsible for helping thousands of students.


Launch Your Own Clubs

As a GIDE+ member you have the priviliege of launching and running your club within the club.

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