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Profile Building and University Readiness Platform: GIDE.AI platform is designed to engage and support students in their journey from high school to university through a futuristic career assessment, profile building, test preparation, and career guidance making them ready for admissions globally. It brings together social communication, career discovery, course discovery, admission preparation and university applications in one integrated experience.

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Career Assessment

GPaths - Career Assessment is your ultimate career companion that offers a transformative assessment experience. Uncover your strengths, explore personalized insights, and chart a course for academic and professional success.

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Test Prep

GIDE Prep - for test preparation: Elevate your test scores for SAT®, AP®, ACT®, and IELTSTM with our tailored programs. Expert coaching, practice tests, and focused resources instill confidence, ensuring success on the global education platform.

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Premium Career Counseling

GIDE offers premium career counseling, going beyond standard support. The GPaths examination, our robust Career Assessment tool, initiates our comprehensive approach, followed by personalized 1-to-1 counseling sessions to empower students on their path to success.

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Profile Building

Unlock your potential with GIDE's profile building hub,  where every achievement is a stepping stone to your dream university. From academic excellence to cultural immersion, we guide you every step of the way.

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Offer Letter Showcase: Celebrating GIDE Students' Success Stories

Step into the spotlight of success as we proudly showcase actual offer letters received by GIDE students from top global universities. Witness the real impact of our programs and how they've propelled our students toward academic excellence. Our students secured $23 million in scholarships during the academic year 2022-2023. Unleash the potential for substantial scholarship opportunities and pave your way to a brighter future with GIDE

Testimonials from Our Community


Rohini Saha

Executive-Events Management, GIDE Student Council
Apeejay School, Salt Lake ,Kolkata
Full Ride Scholarship from Wesleyan College, USA

"Joining the GIDE Student Club has truly been a game-changer for me. Their guidance in profile building activities and expert counseling during the application process helped me secure a full-ride scholarship and also opened doors to numerous opportunities for personal and academic growth. The club's diverse range of internship opportunities, volunteering, student council participation and workshops have been instrumental in honing my skills and providing invaluable insights. Moreover, the supportive community of like-minded peers from across India has made my journey even more enriching. The genuine care and guidance offered by GIDE have created a nurturing environment, making it feel like a second family rather than just a club. I'm immensely grateful for the positive impact it's had on my life, shaping me into the confident and capable individual I am today."


Navya Sheth

GIDE Student Club Member & Student of the Year 2023"
SVKM JV Parekh School, Mumbai.
Admits: NYU Shanghai, University of Bath, University of Edinburgh,University of Warwick

"In today's education landscape, it's not just about grades—it's about showcasing your passion and 21st-century skills. That's where GIDE steps in. As a member, I have flourished with its tailored workshops, volunteering opportunities, and internships. GIDE fueled my passion for Business and Entrepreneurship, earning me recognition as one of the top 10 students in India. Named 'Inspirational Student of the Year 2023' by GIDE and HSM, I now receive compelling offers from global universities, alongside scholarships. Taking the personalized counseling and application support provided was instrumental in navigating the complex university application process, essay writing, interview preparation & much more ensuring my success. And special thanks to Genius Zen|GIDE Prep for SATs and IELTS prep, which played a crucial role in my academic journey. While preparing for SATs by myself was challenging, the guidance and support provided helped me score better and enabled me to approach the exam with confidence.


Deepti Menon

Head Curriculum and Training  (Aravali International School)

"Thanks for sharing about GPaths, I really want to congratulate GIDE for creating an excellent roadmap for children. I just had my own child do the assessment  and I have to appreciate you for creating such an inclusive assessment. Most of the assessments which we have seen put the child in boxes, without being able to really show potential. Loved the fact that GPaths really tried to understand her as an individual minus the limitations of subjects and subject proficiency. It also gave us a very good perspective into her future career options, most of which are similar to what we believed would work best for her. The Futuristic career options are really the best and gave us something new to consider, adding to that the last section connected to profile building, absolutely awesome! Thanks so much. Looking forward to implementing this at our schools too."

All the best!


Shailaja Raghavendra

University Guidance Counselor (Kunskapsskolan International School)

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the chance to take the GPaths assessment.

I was able to gain insights into assessment questions, time management, potential student concerns, and a clear understanding of how the report aligns with individual preferences and aptitudes. I was able to evaluate the comprehensive insights provided in the final report.

I am genuinely impressed with the depth and breadth of the G path assessment, and I believe it could greatly benefit our students in making informed decisions about their future careers. The personalized recommendations, including career streams, aptitudes, 21st-century skill proficiency, subject choices, and university suggestions, are exceptionally insightful."


Rashmi Patankar

Special Educator
Indian School Wadi Kabir - Muscat, Oman

"As a partner school with HSM, our student and parent community has benefited a lot. HSM has been guiding students with ever-changing career options and giving them various platforms to explore and understand their skill sets."


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Elevate your educational journey with GIDE.AI's innovative and comprehensive solutions, empowering you with personalized career guidance, effective test preparation, and unparalleled support for holistic development—ensuring your path to success is truly exceptional.

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Admits in Top-Notch Universities and Great Scholarships

Our Students have secured scholarships worth $23mn in 2022-2023 from top-tier universities across the globe.

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Personalized Career Roadmap

GIDE offers GPaths, the world’s most futuristic career assessment for students of class 9 to class 12.

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Build a Profile For Success

GIDE's Profile Building Opportunities help high school students build a world class profile for undergrad admissions.

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Join the world's only independent
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