GIDE Student Club: Connect and Network with other High Schoolers

At GIDE Student Club, we redefine high school education by offering a unique and pioneering platform run entirely by and for high school students. As the world's only independent inter-school club of its kind, GIDE stands as an unmissable opportunity for every high school student to flourish and excel.

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Why GIDE Student Club is a Keystone for Profile Building

Nurturing Holistic Development, Providing a College Admission Edge, Fostering Career Preparedness, and Cultivating Cultural Competency

Holistic Development

Beyond academics, GIDE+ fosters organizational, leadership, and team skills, ensuring holistic personal and professional growth.

College Admission Edge

Participation in GIDE+ significantly boosts your profile, showcasing proactive engagement and a diverse skill set, giving you a competitive edge in college admissions.

Career Preparedness

Skills developed at GIDE+ align with those sought after in the modern workplace, preparing you for future professional challenges and opportunities.

Cultural Competency

Exposure to diverse cultures enhances intercultural competencies, crucial in today’s globalised world.

Why Profile Building Matters

Stand out in college admissions, unlock long-term career benefits, and amplify your network with GIDE shaping your journey toward success

Stand Out in College Admissions

Colleges look for well-rounded individuals. Your involvement in GIDE+ highlights your initiative, leadership, and commitment.

Long-Term Career Benefits

The skills and experiences gained through GIDE+ prepare you for future professional challenges and opportunities.


Building a robust profile opens doors to new connections, mentors, and potential career paths.


Eesha Choudhary
City international school, Pune
I enthusiastically endorse GIDE.AI, a transformative platform for students. As a member, I've been privileged to serve on the elite GIDE Student Council, partake in enriching internships, and engage in workshops that have honed my hard and soft skills. opens doors to diverse opportunities, connecting students with passionate peers and prestigious foreign universities. The platform's commitment to skill development is evident through workshops like "Effective Design" and "Effective Communication," which have broadened my horizons. It is not just a platform; it's a pathway to endless possibilities. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any student seeking personal growth, innovation, and the tools to succeed in a dynamic world.
Palak Rajput (Senior Director - Editorial Board)
Gurukul, The Excellent English Medium School, Bareli
As the Senior Director of the Editorial Board at HSM GIDE Student Council, I've had the privilege to learn so many new things. It's a platform where doubts are cleared, learning opportunities abound, and networking thrives. My journey here has been enriching, enabling me to acquire valuable skills and connect with remarkable individuals. I'm proud to be a part of such a dynamic and beneficial organization
Tanisha Bobra
SVKM JV Parekh International School, Mumbai
Being part of Gide and the student council has provided me invaluable opportunities as I move ahead in my journey to pursue undergraduate studies abroad. Alongside internships and certificate workshops, being the Director of the Editorial Board in the Gide Student Council has allowed me to hone time management, communication and leadership skills. Through the council I have made connections and friends that I will cherish forever. Thank you for the countless knowledge, opportunities and experiences.
Prakriti Jajodia
Ryan International School, Mumbai
Empowered by my role as a Student Council member at, I've proudly represented our platform, sharing my transformative journey with fellow students. With fervor, I've highlighted how has sculpted my student profile and catalyzed my personal growth.  It's been an immense pleasure fostering a community of growth-driven individuals and guiding them toward success through this empowering platform.
Rushil Chawla
Rahul International School, Mumbai
President, GIDE Student Council
I have been a part of various HSM internships including ones in Psychology and business. I was also the student social media ambassador for HSM and GIDE. All these internships and experiences provided me with a holistic view of various career options. Along with this, I gained immense exposure to real-world situations and problems, which helped me improve my ability to communicate , solve problems, and hone many other soft skills. These opportunities also allowed me to think outside the box of orthodox career fields. I will be forever grateful for these opportunities.

GIDE Student Council 2023-2024

Meet the dynamic members of the GIDE Student Council 2023-2024, a team dedicated to amplifying student voices and fostering a vibrant community. Passionate, driven, and committed to shaping a collaborative and engaging GIDE experience for all.

Aaryan Kushwah

Senior Director Event Management

Arnav Agarwal

Executive Editorial Board

Eesha Choudhary

Executive Committee Social Media & Outreach

Kalash Jain

Executive Event Management

Nayanika Poddar

Nayanika Poddar

Ritika Kalantri

Executive Editorial Board

Rohini Saha

Executive Event Management

Shikhraj Singh

Director Event Management

Tanisha Bobra

Director Editorial Board


Executive Social Media & Outreach

Ann Jofin

Executive Social Media & Outreach

Prakriti Jajodia

Executive Event Management