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GIDE Club Activities and Engagements



Flagship profile building activity by High School Moms helps students develop critical thinking, oratory, research, and many more crucial skills required in university and daily life.



Debates are an excellent way of developing oral and written communication skills along with critical thinking, research, presentation, and public speaking skills.


Resume Writing

To showcase your knowledge, your skills, experience, expertise, and accomplishments, it is necessary to have a perfectly written resume which can portray you as a good professional or a budding professional who is ready to face this challenging world.


Community Service

It provides an opportunity to apply academic learning to real life events. Builds relationships and 'social connectedness's and expose students to diversity and multiculturalism. Improves lifelong communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills. Helps students find their passions and interests.


Career Counseling Talks

Career counselling not only helps in making you a great personality but it will help you to make you a more organized and a better person by various modern methods. It helps you identify your passion, strengths, and weaknesses in order to build a successful future and caree.



If are a student who wishes to stand out and be in the top 1% of the students across the world then participating in competitions is a crucial aspect for you! Take this opportunity to be a part of some of the most selective competitions across India and challenge yourself against the brightest and smartest minds in the country.


Certificate Workshops

Participating in certificate workshops is an effective way of showcasing your dedication and commitment to a university about certain things you are passionate toward. It is also a reflection of your desire to up skill and explore new paths of learning, increasing your chances of securing a great scholarship!


Admissions Guidance Sessions

University admissions process is a construct of complex overlays ranging from building a holistic profile to applying for scholarships, preparing for SAT and the face-to-face interview and much more. It is equally important for both parents and students to get clarity on the process to avoid any unfavorable hurdles.

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