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Study In Canada

Canada is one of the best countries for higher education for international students. Canada provides a high standard of living, top quality education, world acclaimed degrees which are affordable, various exploration options, post work study visa and many more opportunities to students. The international students are welcomed by Canada each year by providing various benefits to them throughout their course of study. According to the latest data, Canada records 435,415 new international students for the academic year 2021 which is only less than the U.S., U.K., and China.

The universities in Canada are placed in Top universities across the globe, thus, showcasing the overall reputation enjoyed by them. Some top universities are University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, McGill University (Montreal), University of Waterloo, University of Montreal. Besides academic excellence, Canada is one of the top countries for living and working, as it provides innumerable working opportunities along with good quality healthcare facilities, environmental access, job security etcetera.

5A’s of Studying in Canada

Academic Excellence: Canada is known for high quality education and rigorous academic modules which provide holistic learning to the student. The quality in all the higher education institutions is consistent throughout, from universities to colleges. You can choose to study either for a graduate and postgraduate degree or specialized diplomas and courses. There are a vast number of options with regards to universities and colleges available in Canada. Professional growth will boost your career and open doors for a bright future. So, what’s stopping you? Study in Canada and make your dream come true.

Affordable Fee Structure: The most important reason for pursuing graduate or postgraduate degree from Canada is the affordable and low tuition-fee as compared to other study abroad destinations like the U.S. and U.K. Also, the living cost for an international student in Canada is comparatively low and within budget for most families in India. The living costs, of course, depend on the city you are studying in as well as on the lifestyle you chose to live.

Acceptable Degree all over the world: The top-quality education provided in Canadian universities are valued and accepted all over the world. A degree from a university in Canada reflects academic knowledge as well as skills learned throughout the duration of the program. The curriculum focuses on employability-oriented skills like teamwork, solution-oriented approach, interpersonal and communication skills, analytical and critical thinking, and many more skills which are necessary and relevant in the job market.

Abundant job opportunities: The most important factor when choosing a study abroad destination is the availability of work and settling options. Canada allows students to work 20 hours every week during their study. The work permit increases the chances of getting a stable job and the options of settling down in Canada. It also offers various options of immigration to students.

Access to easy PR: Canada is the top destination for immigrants, and it offers various affordable immigration programs. Study visa provides easy access for PR (Permanent Resident) application and Visa in Canada.

Alumni Success Stories: The students who studied at Canadian universities not only received high quality education but also the global exposure necessary for holistic development. The multicultural environment in the universities, cultural diversity, multilingual setting, and competitive curriculum helped in shaping the personalities of the students. From strong communication skills to critical thinking, the students sharpened their skills on different levels. These skills are highly relevant when these alumni enter the job market. The alumni from Canadian universities have a high employability rate.

Best Universities in Canada

Huron University College

Incorporated in 1863 as Huron, later renamed as Huron University College in the year 2000, it is affiliated to the University College of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. Huron offers Liberal Arts education in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities streams through various Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary degrees. Huron offers Guaranteed Paid Internships to all students irrespective of the program. Management and Organisational Studies, Psychology, Economics, and Political Science are the top ranked subjects at Huron University.

University of Toronto

Founded in 1827, University of Toronto is the top university in Canada with more than 640,000 graduates in various fields who are making an impact all over the world. It ranks number 8 in the Global Employability Ranking. Engineering, Computer Science, and Business are the top programs in the University of Toronto.

University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia is a public research university with campuses in Vancouver and Okanagan, with more than 20% of students being international students at both the campuses. UBC ranks in the top 5universities in Canada for its academic excellence, collaborations, research, and social impact. UBC boasts of having 8 Nobel Laureates with 3 Canadian Prime Ministers as its alumni. It offers course-based and research-based programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level in various courses such as Architecture, Law, Medicine etcetera.

Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University)

Toronto Metropolitan University, earlier known as Ryerson University, is a public research university located in Toronto, offering more than 60+ programs at undergraduate level and over 55 programs at masters and doctoral level. The MBA program of Toronto Metropolitan University is among one of the best programs because of its career focused and market-driven curriculum.

University of Waterloo

Founded in 1957, University of Waterloo is known for high-quality education with global networking and cooperative education programs. It is ranked #1 in Canada for experiential learning and comprehensive research with over 42,000+ students admitted per academic session. It is known for dedicatedly working for social causes and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering are the top subjects chosen by students.

Study in Canada Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility for admission in any course depends on the university. So, you need to visit the official website of the universities for detailed information regarding eligibility of taking admission in any course. However, there are few general requirements to study in Canada:

1. Documentation proof of financial stability: The documents stating that a student has enough money to sustain his/her living in Canada during their study are necessary. The financial statements should cover up for the tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, transportation, and other subsidiary costs.

2. No criminal record: The student applying for a study visa should not have any criminal record in any country whatsoever. And the candidate should agree to follow all the rules and regulations issued by the government of Canada.

3. Health assessment and immunization proof: The student should be in a healthy state and with no medical conditions and diseases, whatsoever. The student is required to submit the medical proofs of the immunizations and vaccinations received so far.

4. Academic documents: The student should submit all the educational documents starting from their high school qualification documents.

5. Insurance Policy: The student must buy an insurance plan which covers his/her entire duration of the study in Canada.

6. English language proficiency: The student must prove his/her knowledge of English language, either through an interview conducted by an Immigration officer or through submission of necessary documents.

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